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Social Media Marketing B2b

You don’t have to stick to organic posts when using social media for marketing. A paid social media ad can also help you reach qualified leads. Using social media advertising to take your business to the next level is what Sales Team AI does.

Social media promotes authentic thought leadership, which will resonate with your audience. Create content that showcases your expertise and quality, and demonstrates your product or service. AI Sales Team also understands how to deliver more complex and lengthy conversion journeys.

Social Media Ad Design With AI

Sales Team AI helps you create social media ads that catch your audience’s attention. Throughout the whole process, we handle the creative for you and guide you to create a successful campaign. Social media ads must give your target customers something they want or are interested enough to read or watch. We use testing, experience and AI to create ads that will attract potential leads and make them want to learn more about your products and services. 

Need Help With Your B2B Social Media Advertising Campaign?

Customer Targeting

A key component of social media advertising is reaching the right people. The experts at Sales will use artificial intelligence to identify the right audience for your ads. Our goal is to get your ad in front of real potential buyers so we can maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). Rather than just matching you with assistants to CEOs, we match you with only CEOs.

Performance Tracking and Improvement With AI

When you launch your ad campaign, we want to monitor the results to ensure it’s driving results for your business. If the ad is not performing as well as expected we use AI to tweak or change parts of the text, video, or script to increase the conversion ratio and watch time. It is this iterative process of improvement based on data that often results in the most successful internet ads and it is what we focus on the results.

Sales Team AI determines which ads are driving results and which aren’t by tracking their performance. Our team will optimize your campaigns according to the results.

Analyzing Website Performance

Our Social Media Advertising Service

We would love to work with your company to share our AI aware social media advertising experience and production skills. Our brand and online marketing expertise combined with your industry expertise can produce something special at Sales Team AI. We can handle the entire paid social media advertising campaign process for you.

What We Can Do For You

We can help you grow your online presence, increase your sales, and build a loyal customer base with our social media ad management services

Developing Campaigns

Developing campaigns or adapting existing campaigns with you.

Ad Design

The ongoing creation of posts and campaign assets, amendments and enhancements.

AI Customer Profiling

Who are your current audience? Who you would like to add to this list and how do we go about it?

AI Analytics

Testing and monitoring the ad to ensure the desired audience is seeing the ad and that is converting well.

Campaign Management

As we scale down to perfect a campaign or scale up to get more customers, we manage the advertising campaign accordingly.

Performance Report

The performance of your campaign will be analyzed and measured to ensure that it consistently delivers results.