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Google Ads Campaign Optimized With AI

We Excell At Creating Profitable Google Ad Campaigns

Google Ads

We have run successful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns for years. Regardless of your industry, we provide pay-per-click marketing services that power your growth. Because of our no-obligation agreements, as well as our dedication to delivering the best results, we maintain a high customer retention rate.

Google Ad campaigns are managed by us based on a process-driven approach that focuses exclusively on results. We specialize in dynamic feed-to-campaign synchronization, lead generation, and Google Ads conversion rate optimization.

Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Budget With AI

As part of our AI-powered evaluation of your Google AdWords account, we will also create a report outlining weak spots, ideal solution options, and other improvements that may be possible. In spite of the fact that we can analyze various aspects of your current campaign, if you have any particular goals, we can offer suggestions on how to achieve them.

We will evaluate your account’s historical performance and current performance as the basis for our preliminary approach to Google advertising campaigns. 

Google Ads return on investment

It is our main objective to determine whether and how we can make your business more profitable through this audit.

Over a three-month period, our paid search clients achieve the following results:

Need To Upgrade Your Google Ads Campaign?

We know which types of Google advertisement formats are most effective. Our Google pay-per-click strategies ensure that you are always set up for success with the right advertisement for the right device

Picking The Right Advertisement Format and Design.

We know what types of Google advertisements are most effective. Using the right advertisement for the right device is an integral part of our Google pay-per-click strategies.

Sales Team AI As Your Google Ads Partner

As a company with experience in Google marketing campaigns, Sales Team AI has created several successful Google ads in the past. Our status as Google advertising professionals and experts depends on staying on top of the latest adjustments and fads.

Process Driven

As a process-driven organization, we have tested results-driven methods.

Boost Your ROI

The first challenge we face is making your advertising and marketing profitable at scale.

Managed Google Advertising Campaign Service

As a pay-per-click management agency, we help businesses of all sizes grow and expand.

What We Do For You

With Sales Team AI, we create various graphics and video clips for each type of Google advertising campaign. Besides communicating your core business message, we also communicate your value proposition. Our team uses AI to ensure that your advertisement reaches decision-makers and individuals who need your products or services.

Our Process

AI Keyword Research & Audit

If you can answer a few questions about your business, products, and website, we can begin the study and campaign planning process.

AI Copywriting & Landing Page Creation

After designing your ads we will ask for your authorization before putting the ads, campaign structure and touchdown pages live.

AI Conversion tracking and monitoring

Conversion monitoring and a metric dashboard customized to your needs will be configured.

AI Optimize daily

Optimizing your account to meet your goals is something we do proactively as well as continuously.