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Managed Facebook Ads Campaign Enhanced With AI

Facebook Can Provide A Great Return On Investment (ROI)

It is possible to reach practically any target market using Facebook. Certainly, Facebook lets you choose your audience based on personal data like age and gender. However, it also offers hundreds of options for behavioral targeting.

Facebook Ads have been our business for years, so we know it’s pretty impressive. Using your custom audience, we can determine whether they bought a new pet, had lunch last week, or liked your content. Our results can also be improved if we use AI to learn from our successes and failures and refine our target audience’s attributes.

It is possible to narrow down your demographic by small details on Facebook, which allows you to hit the bullseye every time-as long as you know how to use it effectively. We have this kind of expertise at Sales Team AI and can effectively manage your Facebook Ads campaign to reach your target audience.

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Creating The Perfect Ad Through Testing And Refinement

It is difficult for many sales and marketing departments to make effective use of Facebook advertising. You can create different messaging in targeted ways and set up automated message reply chains. Often, AI data-driven testing and refinement of the sales message are needed to ensure success.

Why use Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager

Information on Facebook about various groups of people, including their location and age, is extremely valuable. But Facebook tracks more than just patterns-including members’ likes and dislikes. You have literally hundreds of options for targeting on Facebook, didn’t you know? The social media platform does offer some of the best psychographic and behavioral targeting information in the marketing world, such as language, geographical location, gender, and age.

If, for instance, a consumer has an upcoming anniversary within 30 days, or that their child has a birthday soon, you could use Facebook targeting to show them a very targeted advertisement about men’s gifts. Facebook knows about and has recorded your posts and status changes about major life events if you’re a Facebook user.

A detailed advertisement targeting women who enjoy fashion, clothing, sports, and outdoor activities would be another example. It could be a new style of outdoor clothing featuring lightweight technology that will keep you warmer than traditional clothing items. There is no denying the power of Facebook advertising. For this reason, detailed, customized Facebook ads are the most effective way to reach a specific target audience and increase conversion rates.

Need Help Creating A Killer Facebook Campaign?

Why Use Experts To Run Your Facebook Campaign?

The key to running a successful Facebook Ad campaign is to invest time, energy, and constant attention into it. Ad settings must be continuously adjusted based on what you, your competitors, and your customers do if you want your campaign to be successful.

Managing your own pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is great if you think you can do it. The majority of companies and business owners do not. It would be well worth your time, frustration, and money to hire a professional to do it for you. With our experience and expertise, as well as our automation and artificial intelligence skills, we will create the most cost-effective and scaleable campaign for you.


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We offer more than just Ad Management

Sales Team AI, for example, can offer more than just Facebook Ads management, which is another reason to hire a marketing team to handle your Facebook advertising needs. With our company, you’ll have access to an expert team. Aside from SEO Specialists, we also have savvy Social Media Managers, PPC Ad Experts, Content Writers, and Account Managers.

Everything from social campaigns to content calendars can be handled by us. In addition to creating eye-catching content, we will monitor the success of your campaigns with tools like Google Analytics. We will increase brand awareness, boost lead generation, and ultimately gain more paying clients through our efforts.

Are Facebook Ads right for you?

A Facebook Ad appears to people browsing a social media platform, unlike a Google Search Ad. Facebook Ad audiences are not in “search mode,” meaning they already know they want to make a purchase and are just looking for where to do so. More often than not, Facebook ads are used to stimulate demand for a product or service.

You should not ask viewers to commit to something big, like a purchase, in your advertisement. When engaging with your Facebook audience, try things like filling out lead forms or subscribing to a newsletter.

Allow Sales Team AI To Manage Your Facebook Ads Campaign

For amateur advertisers, Facebook can be a minefield. Perhaps you’ve already tried your luck? Without regular training and staying abreast of constant changes, Facebook advertising can quickly drain your budget.

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To get the best results from Facebook, you need both expertise and constant attention. One month, an ad may perform well, and the next, it can perform dramatically worse. Our experts can squeeze every conversion out of your budget, so why not hand over the reins to us?

Our Facebook advertising team will help you design an effective campaign that will be used across your entire sales funnel.

Our Facebook Ads Campaign Service

Online marketing and social media marketing are our passions, and we strive to be the best analytical, data-driven online marketing company in the world! Our account managers have gotten to know more about business than most “social gurus” ever will (call us and see for yourself).

What We Do For You

Below is a list of the services we offer within our Managed Facebook Ads package, developed to target customers in your market.

Goal Identification.

At Sales Team AI, we don’t just run ads at random. We take the time to learn about your business, how it operates, and what you hope to accomplish before we begin. Our team analyzes this information and determines the best strategy based on your budget and your needs.

Ad Creation & Design Mockups

Once the content of the ad has been determined, our talented graphic designers and copywriters build ad mockups with custom copy and imagery or video. Mockups are created multiple times to avoid the same creative being seen repeatedly by Facebook users. As a result of the date gathered, we will be able to optimize the campaign using automation and artificial intelligence in the future.

Managed Facebook Ads Campaign

Campaign Configuration & Launch

The Facebook Ads Manager is now ready for you to work with. In case you already have an account, we’ll need access to it. Creating an account is easy – we’ll do it for you.  Our ads are targeted with Facebook’s ad targeting settings to reach those who are most likely to be interested in your message. Targeting based on location Targeting demographics based on age, gender, and household income Targeting by language – English, Spanish, etc. Targeting interests Behavioral targeting

Optimization & reporting.

We don’t stop working once your ads go live. Once data begins rolling in, we work to continually analyze with AI and improve your campaign.  Whenever certain versions of your ads perform better than others, we pause the weak ones so your budget can go to what is delivering the best results.  To generate interest and ROI from your ads, we also use audience segmentation tools to identify which age groups, genders, devices, and placements are most effective.  Throughout the campaign, we will provide regular updates on how things are going. Upon completion of the campaign, we will send a detailed analysis of the performance of your ads.